Render Board & Render Systems South West


A&P Williams provides Board and Render Systems throughout the South West. Thin-coat acrylic and silicone flexible renders are particularly suited to large projects where maintenance is or could be an issue, more often than not thin-coat acrylic and silicone renders are applied on to external wall insulation and board systems and are also suited very well to refurbishment projects where substrate cracking has been an issue in the past, coupled with a base coat and full mesh acrylic and silicone renders out perform any other system as they have “self-cleaning” abilities.

Knauf Marmorit Autol ,Weber.sil TF, StoLotusan, Parex D.P.R and ProRend Colourtex are just a few of the examples of “self-cleaning” acrylic and silicone renders available.

Thin-coat acrylic and silicone renders are available in a number of different aggregate size finishes, compromising of 1.0mm to 6.0mm depending on the manufacturer but start to lose there “self-cleaning” abilities the higher the aggregate size.

In addition the thin-coat acylic & silicone flexible systems are indeed crack-resistant. Coupled with high polymer-content base coats and alkali-resistant mesh reinforcement these systems are of the highest specifications, previously mentioned these external rendering systems can be applied to brick, block and ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork) new-builds and refurbishments.

They are also extremely suitable for application onto timber frame / Structural Insulated Panel construction using a render-receiver board system onto softwood timer battens or metsec, which is becoming an increasingly popular service we provid.